De trainingen

The Elephants train twice a week and play a match on Sunday. Training is on Tuesday and Thursday, everyone is welcome to join and try rugby, no experience is needed! Keep in mind to bring sturdy clothes and a pair of shoes with profile (soccer or rugby shoes prefered).

Open training

On Tuesday the 13th of September at 18:00h The Elephants Open Rugby Training will take place at the zandoefenveld, the field near the sport centre and next to the hockey field. The training is for everyone who has no to little experience with rugby and would like to try it. The training is for women and men.

We will start at 18:00h, So make sure that you have changed your clothes by then and are on the field. It's useful to bring shoes with as much profile as possible (football shoes) and sports clothing that can get dirty. If you already have a mouth guard, bring it.
Details: Facebook event


After the training there will be some (little) beers and a barbecue. A perfect opportunity to experience our third half. The costs for the barbecue and a beer are €10,- per person and can be paid in cash.

Sign up for the barbecue by sending a mail with your name to

Training Tuesday

Time: 20.30
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Training Thursday

Time: 20.30
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