The Elephants

The 10th lustrum of E.S.R.C. The Elephants is getting closer! For updates, news and photo’s, keep an eye on the lustrum page. Block the 8th of October 2022 in the agenda’s, because that’s when the lustrum gala will take place! More information can be found on the image below or on the lustrum page.
Click here for the lustrum page, or navigate via the menu under ‘The Elephants’.

E.S.R.C. The Elephants is a student rugby club founded on the 12th of October 1972. Most members study at the TU/e or Fontys. We have a diverse group of members, big/skinny/small/long/fast/slow players most of which started playing rugby during their studies. The atmosphere amongst players is really good, which is typical for rugby.

The third half and sociable nights out with the whole club are common with The Elephants. Beers and snacks are consumed after games, together with the referee and opponent, reflecting the unique rugby atmosphere; battling/fighting during the game and lots of sociability/relaxation after the game. There are also other recurring social events alongside this third half: ‘clubavond’ every last Thursday of the month, New Years meal, singing nights, tournaments, cantus, ‘kampioenswedstrijd’ (in which we play against old rugby players) and the yearly rugby trip to a foreign city as the cherry on top.

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