The committees are an important part of an association. They organize activities and support the board in different cases.
Are you interested in becoming a member of a committee? Please contact the Chairman or the Commissioner General Affairs.

The vertrouwenscommissie is the commission of trust, and is here to help members that have some problems or just want to get something of their chest. The commission makes sure that the problems are solved and if needed, the right people are informed about the matter. 

Harm Derks (M)

Fleur Michiels (F)

If you prefer to come into contact with the confidentiality contact points that are connected to the ESSF, you can go to their page on the website of the ESSF.

The CoFiVo, also known as the Commission for Financial Progress, is responsible for attracting sponsors. The sponsoring is useful for buying new training equipment, clinics, clothing and activities. 
You can come in contact with the CoFiVo by mailing to:

Kas Controle Commissie
The Kas Controle Commissie is the commission that checks and oversees the actions and work of the treasurer. They also have an advisory function during approving the budget and financial overview.

Raad van Advies
The Raad van Advies is the advisory committee. This committee ensures a smooth transfer of the boards. Part of the committee focuses on a five-year plan for the association and keeps track of the long-term goals. 

The Introcie ensures a succesful introduction week with the goal to recruit as many new members as possible. They organize activities during this week and make sure that there is enough beer and freecandles. After the introweek is finished, they organize an open training and the Young Dogs/Puppy course. 

The Kickoffcie organizes the Kickoff-weekend. This weekend is organized to increase the bonding between the new Young Dogs and Puppies and the Elephants. They arrange a location, activities and a smooth integration. 

The Tripcie is responsible for organizing the men’s trip abroad. 

The Amelandcie organized the yearly trip to the beautiful island of Ameland where the Ameland Beach Rugby Festival is held. Both the men and women can play at this tournament. 
You can come in contact with the Amelandcie by mailing to:

The Commissy loves women! They are here to improve the bonding between men and women and increase interaction.

The Zangcie is the committee with a passion for singing. The zangcie organises cantuses and other singing-related activities.

The Webcie is responsible for designing, maintaining and updating the Elephants website.

Hubble Tapcie
Pouring some beers at Hubble, much fun!

The galacie will organise a gala. 

The promocie has the job to promote The Elephant in every possible way. 

The Lustrumcie ensures that the lustumyears of the association are spent correctly with fun activities to celebrate!

The toernooicie supports the match secretary in organising and attending tournaments. 

The members of the SM-cie are born influencers. They are responsible for the promotion and communication on all social media platforms. 
You can come into contact with the SM-cie via: