As an association, we really appreciate the support of our sponsors. Are you also interested in supporting The Elephants, for instance by having an advertising place on our shirts? Contact us via cofivo@elephants.nl for the possibilities.

Club of 72

The Club of 72 is founded to raise funds for projects and activities for ESRC The Elephants. For more information about the Club of 72 and how to become a member, click here.


The Student Sport Centre Eindhoven is the biggest sponsor of our association. They arrange fields, materials and equipment. They also have an advisory function.

Café La Route

Café La Route is the favourite pub of the Elephants. Beers are consumed and bonding is increased in at this place.


Sportagon focusses on the sportive and medical guidance of both amateur and professional sport. Freek Laumen, former Elephant, is involved in the medical supervision, sponsorship and training at The Elephants.


RoosterSync is a tool to share class schedules in an easy way. They provide tools that can share class schedules fully automatic.

Jortt (Accounting program)

Jortt is an accounting program that helps with accounting and uses automatic tools.