Even though rugby has always been more of a men’s sport, the number of playing women is increasing. Therefore, The Elephants consists of a men’s and women’s team.
For newcomers, every start of the academic year a special Young Dogs/Puppy course is organized. If you want to join at another time of the year, please contact the board of The Elephants!

Men’s team

The men’s team of E.S.R.C. The elephants consists of a great variety of players. The TU/e and Fontys combine their forces to create an amazing team with fat, skinny, slow, fast, agile but above all fanatic players. This season, this team plays in the 3th class in the south of the Netherlands where the first, second and third half of every game are taken very seriously. Each season, 15-20 games are played. Therefore, there will be enough room for each individual to shine on the pitch. Trainings take place at the Vijfkamplaan every Wednesday and Friday, where the trainers teach new skills and try to get the team in the best shape as possible. Outside of the pitch, there is enough training in the bonding-compartment with La Route as hotspot. The ultimate bonding takes place during the yearly trip! In the summer months, the men are prominently present at tournaments like the Ameland Beachrugby tournament under the pseudonym RC Precum.

Men’s training:
Tuesday from 20.00 hrs at the Vijfkamplaan 31
Thursday from 20.00 hrs at the Vijfkamplaan 31

Here, you can find the results of the matches played in the competition.

Women’s team

The women of Rugby Club Eindhoven and Student Rugbyclub The Elephants form one team together: The Lions. We train twice a week and play a match on Sundays. We are a relatively young team with most players between 17 and 30 years old.

We play in this arrangement for four years now. This season 2021/2022 we will play in the ‘eerste klasse’, where we will play approximately 16 matches. On Tuesday- and Thursday evenings, we train with the whole team, where our trainers Swan and Anna and various guest trainers help us to improve our rugbyskills, condition, strength and cooperation as a team.

Not only on the field we form a strong force, but also off the field. After training or games we are often found in the clubhouse. Different committees are active to organise a yearly trip abroad, game nights and drinks. After the regular season of playing matches, we show our (beach)rugby and party skills on different tournaments.

Women’s training:
Tuesday from 19.30 hrs at the Vijfkamplaan 31
Thursday from 19.30 hrs at the Vijfkamplaan 31

Here, you can find the results of the matches played in the competition.