Club of 72 Engels
Do you want to become a member of the Club of 72? Sent an e-mail to the address stated above.


The Club of 72 acquires funds for projects that are organized by and for members of ESRC The Elephants and which need to be, in the opinion of the board of the Club of 72, financially supported. These are projects for which the board of ESRC The Elephants are not able or willing to have financial resources available.

Rules of the Club of 72

  1. The members of the Club of 72 meet at least once a year, while enjoying foods and drinks to improve the solidarity of the members.
  2. Everybody can become a member of the Club of 72, thus both Oldfants as current members.
  3. The contribution is (minimally) €72 annually, which will be collected by direct debit. When the contribution is not paid within 60 days, the member loses its membership.