The committees are the driving force behind all activities of the association. They help the board with The Elephants.

If you are interested in joining one of the committees, please contact the General Affairs Commissioner or the President.

Confidential Committee

The Confidential Committee is available to members who have something on their minds or want to get their hearts out. The Confidential Committee, in turn, ensures that the issues are addressed and, when necessary, the appropriate people are notified.

Harm Derks (M)

Fleur Michiels (V)

More information here

It is also possible to speak to the confidential commttee of the ESSF. you can find them here

Twee elephants arm in arm


The Introcie will make sure that new Elephants are recruited. They organize
activities and arrange for enough Freecandles and beer.

After the introduction week this committee makes sure that open training is organized. This followed by a Jonghe Dogs / Puppy course.

The Introcie is the point of contact for new members.

The Introcie can be reached at:

Introcie 2023 tijdens de introweek


The Kickoffcie is responsible for organizing the kickoff weekend. This weekend provides the bonding of the Young Dogs, Puppies and Elephants. They arrange the location, activities and smooth running of the weekend.


The Amelandcie organizes the annual trip to the Ameland Beach Rugby Festival. This tournament is for both the men’s and women’s teams and contributes well to bonding between members.

It is also a great weekend fot the Oldfants to bond with the new Elephants.

The Amelandcie can be reached at:

Ameland beach rugby clubfoto

Hubble tap-cie

Barshifts at Hubble, one big party!


The Gala committee is responsible for organising the Gala.

Gala foto 2023


Foto lustrum logo op gala

The Lustrumcie makes sure that during lustrum year all kinds of activities will be organised to celebrate the club’s birthday!


The tournament committee supports the Wedsec in organising trips to tournaments. Tournaments trips organized by the Tourneycie include BrigandZe beach rugby.

Maura Mevis met de Elephants bij BrigandZe beachrugby toernooi


SMcie commissie foto

The members of the SM committee have influencer blood running through their veins. They take care of publicity
and communication through all social media platforms. The SMcie also takes care of designing, maintaining and updating the Elephants website.

The SMcie can be reached at:


The CoFiVo, also known as the Financial Progress Committee, is responsible for recruiting sponsors. The purposes for sponsorship, materials, apparel and events.

The CoFiVo can be reached at:

Kas Controle Comissie

The Cash Audit Committee checks the work the treasurer. Furthermore, they have an advisory function during the
approving the budget and other financial decisions.


The Tripcie organizes the annual trip abroad.