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During training sessions, all facets of rugby are trained. There is tackling and running by everyone. The forwards additionally focus more on scrummaging, line-outs, tackling and mauls. The backs focus on passing, line codes, hand-offs and kicking.
After training, there is a social shower together (not mandatory).

The men’s team is trained by Paul, the head coach. The women’s team is trained by A├»sha.

Training met Paul Porst

General info

Tuesdays & Thursday

Vijfkamplaan 29,
5624 EB Eindhoven

Your first Elephant training!

At The Elephants you are always welcome to join a training session. Whether it is to see if rugby is for you, or if you have been playing rugby for years and want to make a switch to student rugby. However, it can be exciting to come along for the first time. That’s why you’ll find below the most frequently asked questions about rugby at The Elephants.

If you are coming to practice for the first time, it is helpful to bring the following items:

Mountguard (shaped to fit your teeth)
Sturdy sports pants (short)
Sturdy shirt (which may break/dirty)
High sports socks (e.g. soccer socks)
Shoes with studs
Clean clothes

Do you happen to not have something at home? Don’t hesitate to send a message to the board. They can arrange to borrow something!

Good question!

To start with rugby you don’t have to know all the rules right away. You can come to a training session without any rugby knowledge. One learns by playing.

Do you really want to learn the rules? An explanation of what our beautiful sport entails can be found here

Are videos not for you? Come to our field on a game Sunday. We will explain it with all our passion!

To play at the Elephants, in most cases, you must be a student. To be precise, you must possess an SSCE sports card. This means that anyone who has a sports card can start playing rugby at The Elephants, regardless of age.

After every practice and game there is an option to shower. This is done in the communal locker room. Showering together is not mandatory but is commonly done.

Don’t feel comfortable showering together? Then you can always contact the board to ask for options.

Something happens that you don’t feel comfortable with? Then you can always contact the Confidential Contact Person.

Nice that you would like to join us for a training session!

Contact the board or send a DM on Social Media to set up an appointment on when you can join us sometime!

Everyone is welcome at The Elephants.

As a training member you can join any team where you feel comfortable.

If you want to play matches we follow the rules of Rugby Nederland. This means that everyone can play in the men’s team. In the women’s teams only players born as women or players in transition to women are allowed.

For more information about this you can contact the board.

Teamfoto 2022 Elephants 1

Elephants 1

The men’s selection team

Tarantufants teamfoto


The men’s cluster with T.S.R.C. Tarantula.

Eindhoven Lions teamfoto 2023

The Purple Lions

The womanscluster with RCE and RCW.

Became curious?

Train with us once or become a member!