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E.S.R.C. The Elephants is a student rugby club founded in 1972 by Jacques de Mooij. At the time, the club consisted of only a men’s team. In 1975, ladies also joined The Elephants. These clustered with the ladies team of Rugby Club Eindhoven. After some variation in clustering, the current ladies team is again a cluster with RCE.

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Dames geschiedenis team

On April 12, 1975, the ladies of The Elephants played the first ever women’s rugby match in the Netherlands. The opponent were the ladies from Wageningen, who won the match 4-0. Both teams had only been training for 2 weeks before the match.

The Elephants’ golden years in terms of play were from the late 1980s to the mid-1990s with three enrolled men’s teams and one women’s team.

Some of the current traditions are in there from a young age, such as the yell before the game. As well as commenting on the board and singing all kinds of wonderful songs. The tradition of going on trips has also been there for a long time. The first trip (that we know of) went to England in 1978. For the ladies, this tradition began a little later. They went on their first trip, albeit also to England, in 1986.

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Geschiedenis 3e lustrum Elephants

With such a beautiful association, a club song cannot be missing. Ever since the elephant can remember, this song has been sung at the top of its lungs with full pride. Over the years the rhythm has changed somewhat, but the message remains the same!

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Lang leve de Elephants nondeju.
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Lang leve de scrum/lijn.
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