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Dear Emerging Elephant,

Congratulations on the best choice of your college days! Great times await you. Not only on the field, but certainly off it as well. Because not everyone can be equally committed to competitions, there are four types of memberships. The green buttons will redirect you to a form to complete your enrollment!

Training Member

30 euro*

Recreant Member

78 euro*

Match Member

115 euro*

Student sport centrum

In addition to membership with the club, it is also necessary that you have a sports card from the Student Sports Center Eindhoven. This costs around €100 per year and, in addition to The Elephants, it offers access to a strength center, swimming pool, and many more convenient facilities. If you don’t already have one, you can buy a subscription here. In addition, you must indicate on the SSC site that you are a member of The Elephants.

Twee Elephants bij Ameland Beach Rugby

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have played at a rugby club abroad, you need a clearance. This clearance ensures that you are deregistered from your club and the union of the country where you played. To obtain clearance you must contact the secretary. For help with clearance and other questions you can also contact our secretary.

Competition member
You play as many games as you want and can participate in all the activities and trainings you want.

Recreational member
As a recreational member you play a maximum of 6 matches per year and are welcome to all training sessions and activities just like the competition members.

Training member
Don’t want to or can’t play matches? Then as a training member you can join all training sessions and activities. Would you like to play matches later on? That is also possible!

Ten year member
Don’t want to train or play matches, but still want to sponsor the club? Then become a ten-member. You can stay a member of the club for €10.

Not sure yet? Then send a message to the board. They will help you find the membership that suits you best.

There is no hazing like large student associations have.

However, there is an introduction weekend, called Kick-off weekend, where first years get to know the association and its members. This takes place annually at the end of November.

Furthermore, tournaments are organized throughout the Netherlands especially for the first years. The Elephants go to these tournaments with all the first year rugby players.

At The Elephants, you are not stuck with obligations. Attending activities and club nights are completely voluntary.

If you want to play rugby matches, however, it is mandatory that you know the basics of rugby. These can be learned in the introduction course at the beginning of the year. Does the trainer find you not fit or safe on the field? Then you will not play matches. Safety for yourself, your teammates and the opponent is paramount in rugby.

At The Elephants it is mandatory to have an SSCE sports card. This means that if you can get a sports card you are welcome at The Elephants.

To complete your registration, you must link your sports card to the club. This can be done by logging into the SSC site and then completing the following steps:

Go to “profile” > “associations” > choose “Rugby – E.S.R.C. The Elephants”.

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Contact form

Are you having trouble at all? Then send a message to the board and they will contact you!

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