Vertrouwens Contact Persoon EN

Confidential Contact Persons

At E.S.R.C. The Elephants, we consider social safety a number one priority. Everyone, member or non-member, should feel safe and at ease within the fraternity.

The board therefore takes reports and incidents of physical and verbal violence, bullying behavior and sexual harassment very seriously.

Within the association there are Confidential Contact Persons (VCP’ers). These VCP’ers are the point of contact for members, trainers and guests. It is not the VCP’s job to solve the problem. However, the VCP can help by hearing the story and, if desired, referring the problem to the appropriate caregivers.

Although the VCP does have to report it to the board, this can be done completely anonymously and is always done in consultation.

Currently there are two VCP’ers: Harm Derks and Fleur Michiels.

Fleur Michiels VCP

Fleur Michiels

+31 6 13193792

“Hello all, if there is anything you are worried about or want to chat about please speak to me or send me a message. Together we will find a suitable moment to talk quietly. Maybe because you are struggling with something or just want a listening ear, but also if you need a support hug.”

Harm Derks de VCP

Harm Derks

+31 6 28139351

Overige contact opties


Would you prefer to speak directly to the board?

Then contact us here.


SSCE, the Student Sports Center Eindhoven, also has confidential contact persons.

You can contact them about anything related to Social Safety. More information can be found on the SSCE website.


The ESSF, the Eindhoven Student Sports Federation, also has a confidential contact person.

He is available for problems in the association More information can be found on their site.