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Dear Elephant in making,

Congratulations with the best choice for your student days! Beautiful times are waiting for you. Not only on the field, but certainly also of the field. Because not everyone can be equally committed to competitions, there are 4 types of memberships. Via the green buttons, you get send to a form to complete your membership!

The four types of membership are:

  • Competition member: You could play as many competition matches as you want and you can participate in all activities and training sessions that you want.
  • Recreational member: As a recreation member you play a maximum of 6 competition games per year and, just like the competition members, you are welcome at all training sessions and activities. This membership is only available for players of 19 years or older.
  • Trainings member: You don’t want or can’t play matches? Then as a training member you can just train every training and also participate in activities. If you want to play games later on? That is also possible!
  • Tientjes member: If you want to stay a member of The Elephants, but don’t want to train or play matches, you can become a ’tientjes’ member for €10,-.

You can always upgrade your membership during the season, but downgrading will unfortunately not be possible.

Membership Age Amount of competition matches Contribution 2021-2022
Competition member From 20 years Unlimited € 109
Recreational member From 20 years 6 € 75
Trainings member 0 € 40
Tientjes member 0 € 10

In addition of a membership at the club, it is also necessary that you have a sports card from the Student Sports Center Eindhoven. The costs are around € 90 per year and offers in addition to The Elephants also access to a powerhouse, swimming pool, sauna and many more useful facilities. If you don’t have one yet, you can buy one here. In addition to this, you have to indicate to the SSC that you are a member of The Elephants. This can be done by signing in on the SSC-website and follow the following steps: go to “profile” > “associations” > select “Rugby – E.S.R.C. The Elephants”.

Privacy statement
E.S.R.C. The Elephants attaches great importance to the protection of your personal data. In our privacy statement you can see how we handle this personal data.

If you already played rugby in your hometown, in a foreign country,  you need to get cleared.
The clearance makes sure you are unsubscribed to your club and federation. If you do not have your clearance you can’t join the competition. To get a clearance you need to fill in a form, and you should mail it to You can find the form here. Our secretary will help you out with the clearance, and if you have any other questions about clearances also ask the secretary.

Register [ENG]